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Double Chocolate Hot Chocolate Mix 2 Lb. Bag

Hot Chocolate Supreme

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Introducing our Double Chocolate Hot Chocolate Supreme – a 2 lb bag of instant mix that's a chocolate lover's dream. Perfect for businesses like convenience stores and cafes, it effortlessly dissolves in hot milk or water, delivering a consistently rich and velvety chocolate experience. Ideal for home use too, this indulgent blend brings the warmth of a café-quality treat to your space, making every cup a delightful celebration of chocolateness. Add variety to your menu or cozy moments at home with this versatile and satisfying choice.

Perfect for hot chocolate bombs!

  • Gluten-Free
  • Kosher
  • Made in America

Cappuccino Supreme can be made in your kitchen using hot water or milk or dispensed from a cappuccino machine.

Each 2 lb. bag of Double Chocolate Instant Hot Chocolate Mix makes about 22 - 8 oz servings.

Mixing Directions By The Cup

  • In a mug, add about 3 tablespoons of Hot Chocolate Supreme Double Chocolate instant hot chocolate mix.
  • Stir in 8 oz. of hot water. Mix well until dissolved.
  • For a creamier hot chocolate, use hot milk instead of water.
  • Enjoy!

Directions for instant cappuccino machines

  • Fill hopper of machine with Hot Chocolate Supreme Double Chocolate hot chocolate mix.
  • DO NOT pack the mix down tightly.
  • Keep the hopper at least 1/4 filled with hot chocolate mix at all times.