Deep Rich 3x1 lb Nonfat Dry Milk

Deep Rich

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Deep Rich 3x1 lb Nonfat Dry Milk

Deep Rich Nonfat Dry Milk is easy to use - dissolves quickly and easily. This product is great as a coffee creamer. Stir it into your coffee and tea, or mix with water to turn back into liquid milk.

Perfect for use in Bean to Cup machines. Nonfat dry milk is great for baking and very handy to have around when you run out of milk.
Ideal for use in commercial cappuccino/hot chocolate machines, single cup bean-to-cup machines, and can also be used at home as a creamer.

Directions: To turn back into liquid milk: With a whisk, mix 1 cup hot water to 3 Tbsp. powder to make one cup of milk.
To make a quart of milk: Mix ½ cup powder to 3 ½ cups hot water.

Each 1 lb. bag makes 227fl oz. (6713 ml) of milk.

Deep Rich Nonfat Dry Milk Nutrition informationIngredients: Nonfat Dry Milk

Contains: Milk

Deep Rich Non Fat Dry Milk is a Kosher product.