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New Vegan Shivery Shake Soft Serve Mixes!

New Vegan Shivery Shake Soft Serve Mixes!

9th Aug 2021

Shivery Shake is now offering vegan soft serve flavors!
Get ready to try our new vegan Soft Serve, featuring the flavors of Chocolate & Vanilla!
Both of these delicious vegan soft serve flavors are now available for purchase for anyone who prefers non-dairy ice cream. Both our Vegan Chocolate and Vanilla soft serve are Kosher certified, and 100% Gluten-Free.

These vegan, plant based soft serve mixes are every bit as creamy and delicious as our standard shivery shake soft serve! And with our vegan flavors now available for purchase, you can satisfy your demand for high quality plant based options. Both flavors of our Shivery Shake vegan soft serve mix are perfect for commercial soft serve machines, as well as home use soft serve machines.