Deep Rich Cold Brew Coffee Club Size 16 x 1 qt. Filter Bags

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Deep Rich Cold Brew Coffee 16 x 1 qt. Filter Bags - Club Size (Makes 4 gallons)

100% Fresh Roasted Espresso Coffee Specially Roasted and Ground for Cold Brew

Introducing new Deep Rich Cold Brew Coffee Filter Bags! Tired of waiting on long lines for Cold Brew Coffee? Now you can make your own smooth, delicious cold brew for as little as 50¢ per 10 oz cup! Coffee shops charge as high as $3.09 per 10 oz cup!

Each 3 oz filter bag makes 1 quart of Cold Brew Coffee


Contains 120 mg of caffeine per 6 oz cup


 How to Make Deep Rich Cold Brew Coffeecold-brew-filter.png

 • Place filter bags into pitcher.

• Add cold, ļ¬ltered water (1 qt. per filter bag) and cover.

• Let steep in fridge for 12-24 hours.

• Remove filter bags from pitcher.

• Serve in glass and enjoy!